2015 Tokelau Mokoha Great White Shark Silver Coin


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The stunning 2015 Tokelau Mokoha Great White Shark Silver coin is the second coin in a 12-coin series celebrating biodiversity in the South Pacific. The 2014 coin featuring an image of a Yellowfin Tuna sold out its authorized mintage of 500,000 coins. Tokelau is a tropical territory of the nation of New Zealand.

This legal tender silver bullion coin is minted from one ounce of .999 pure silver. The design features the powerful image of a Mokoha Great White Shark, the world’s deadliest marine predator. The shark is seen swimming amongst a school of fish, with its tooth filled mouth open and ready to capture its next meal. Engravings are “Mokoha-Great White Shark” and “Tokelau.”

A mandatory image of Queen Elizabeth II appears of the obverse of the coin along with a Tuluma, a wooden tackle box used by the island’s fishermen, and has become a national symbol.


Date: 2015
Metal: Silver
Weight: 1 oz.
Tokelau/New Zealand
Mintage: 500,000