2016 5 oz ATB Shawnee National Forest Silver Coin


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Shawnee National Forest is located in the very southern tip of Illinois, and covers 265,000 acres of land in the Ozark and Shawnee Hills region of the state. The area is administered by the U.S. Forest Service, and was first established in September 1939 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Most of the land originally added as part of the forest was exhausted farmland, but significant efforts by the President Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps added pine trees to the region that rebuilt the soil levels and prevented future erosion.
On the reverse side of the 2016 5 oz ATB Shawnee National Forest Silver Coin is the image of the famous Camel Rock setting in the forest. The rock feature is so named because it resembles a seated camel, with a distinct head and hump in the back. Natural vegetation is visible in the foreground, with a red-tailed hawk flying overhead.
The obverse bears the standard imagery used on all ATB silver coins. President George Washington’s left-profile portrait, used on circulation quarters since 1932, is featured in the center.