Cerberus 1 oz Silver Round | The 12 Labors of Hercules


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With just one labor remaining before being released from King Eurystheus’ rule, Hercules was tasked with capturing the three-headed beast known as Cerberus. The hound, standing guard before the gates of the Underworld, was known for its sharp teeth and ferocity. Hercules had to learn the ways of the underworld to escape with his life.

Hercules crossed paths with Hades after traversing the underworld, and asked Hades to bring Cerberus to him. Hades agreed on the condition that Hercules restrain the creature with his bare hands, which is exactly what Hercules did. After stifling Cerberus, Hercules threw the beast over his shoulders and carried it back to Eurystheus, who requested the Greek demi-god return the creature to its home in return for his freedom.

The vicious, three-headed Cerberus is featured on the reverse of this 1 oz silver round. Ready to attack, the creature is designed in great detail, showing its large, razor-sharp teeth and muscular body. “XII” and “CERBERUS” are inscribed.

Hercules, as seen on the obverse of each round in the 12 Labors Series, is stoically portrayed with his head bowed. He wears the Nemean Lion’s impenetrable skin as armor and holds his powerful wooden club in his hand. The round’s weight and purity are engraved.