Nemean Lion 1 oz Silver | The 12 Labors of Hercules


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Celebrate Hercules’ first Labor by investing in a Nemean Lion 1 oz Silver round, now available

The Nemean Lion kicks off the one ounce monthly releases from the 12 Labors of Hercules Series. This .999 fine silver piece will be available through Oct. 12, 2014, and a final mintage will be released following the conclusion of sales.

The obverse features the image of Hercules donning the Nemean Lion as armor — the design that will appear on the front of each 1 oz round in the series.

The reverse portrays an attacking Nemean Lion soaring through the air toward its challenger. Bones from previous foes lie under the pouncing lion. Inscriptions read NEMEAN LION and I, the roman numeral denoting Hercules’ first labor.

For his first Labor, Hercules was sent to slay the Nemean Lion — a burly creature with impenetrable fur. Multiple versions of the tale exist, but one myth states that the lion would capture people and hold them hostage in a Nemea cave.

Previous rescue attempts failed as the lion would devour the remains of each person and deliver their bones to Hades.

Hercules traveled to the lion’s cave to fight the beast and complete his labor. Wielding his wooden club and using his tremendous strength, Hercules was able overpower the lion and finish his task.

He used the lion’s sharp claws to cut its indestructible fur and wore it as armor to protect himself in future battles.