Stymphalian Birds 1 oz Copper | The 12 Labors of Hercules


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King Eurystheus sent Hercules to defeat the carnivorous Stymphalian birds as his sixth labor. Armed with beaks of bronze and metallic feathers, the birds terrorized their victims from above. Hercules conquered the birds by startling them into flight by shaking a rattle, and then shooting many down with arrows as they flew from the trees. The remainder fled from Arcadia and never returned.

The reverse of the 1 oz copper Stymphalian Birds round features three Stymphalian Birds, two standing on skeletons and another soaring above. Inscriptions include “STYMPHALIAN BIRDS” and “VI” (the Roman number six). Hercules graces the obverse with “1 oz CMXCIX FINE COPPER” inscribed along the rim.