Stymphalian Birds 1 oz Silver | The 12 Labors of Hercules


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For his sixth labor Hercules was sent to defeat man-eating Stymphalian birds. The birds had bronze beaks and projectile metallic feathers. King Eurystheus sent Hercules to Arcadia, where the Greek hero startled the birds and shot many down with arrows as they fled from the trees. The remaining birds flew away and never returned.

The reverse of this 1 ounce silver coin features two Stymphalian Birds perched on skulls and bones, and another flying above. The inscription “STYMPHALIAN BIRDS” and “VI” (the roman numeral 6, representing the sixth labor of Hercules) surrounds the silver birds. The obverse of this silver coin carries a portrait of Hercules with “1 oz CMXCIX FINE SILVER” inscribed beside him.