The 12 Labors of Hercules 5 oz Copper Hercules


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The strength of Hercules is unquestioned. His legend grows with each tale of resilience, power and durability.

The same can be said about copper — which makes Hercules on this 5 oz copper round an unbeatable combination. Each contains .999 fine copper and measures 63mm in diameter.

A side profile of Hercules wearing the Nemean Lion’s hide as armor is the obverse design. He clutches his trusty wooden club with his right hand.

12 LABORS OF HERCULES is inscribed at the center of the reverse. It’s surrounded by a decorative vine and additional inscriptions of FIVE TROY, CMXCIX — or .999 in roman numerals — and FINE COPPER.

Individual Labor rounds highlighting each of Hercules’ triumphs will be issued once per month on the 12th until the series is complete.

The Labor rounds will only be available for purchase for one month — through the 12th of the following month when the next Labor piece will be release. Upon conclusion of sales for each round, a mintage will be published.