CONTAINED – Zombucks® Murk Diem 1 oz Silver Round


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Currency of the Apocalypse® series, the 2018 Murk Diem 1 oz Silver round. Once the Mercury Dime, this adaptation features Liberty as a casualty of the apocalypse.

The obverse of each Murk Diem features the zombified “goddess”, a mangled figure bereft of life. A portion of Liberty’s brain emerges from a torn cap, while her spine can be seen through her neck and muscle.

Tendons and lacerated flesh cover her body. Her teeth are unguarded by flesh and her hair is disheveled. The feathers in her cap used to symbolize freedom of thought, but the former Mercury Dime now displays bedraggled tufts showing no semblance of her former life. Inscriptions read MURK DIEM, Z50 and 2018.