Zombucks® Slayed Dollar 1 oz Silver Round


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The Slayed Dollar is inspired by the US Mint’s Trade Dollar, which represents freedom and commerce. Minted between 1873 and 1885, the Trade Dollar features a left-facing Lady Liberty holding an olive branch in her outstretched right hand. She sits on bales of wheat and goods. Time and the apocalypse, however, have not been kind…

The obverse of the Silver Slayed Dollar features Lady Liberty sitting on a throne of skeletons. To represent the toll in human life the apocalypse has taken, Lady Liberty now clutches a scythe in her right hand; her skin, muscles and hair are fetid and decomposing. In her left hand she holds a banner with the inscription “Z FIFTY” and the banner below her throne reads “SLAYED DOLLAR”. “2019,” and 12 6-pointed stars are inscribed near the rim of the coin.

The reverse depicts a zombie-splashed biohazard symbol as a reminder to those that have survived the apocalypse of the lives lost to the undead. “ZOMBUCKS,” “CURRENCY OF THE APOCALYPSE,” and “1 oz .999 FINE SILVER” are engraved around the biohazard symbol.